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The CDS Variance Analysis of OsBADH2 Gene and Aroma Appraisal of 7 Guizhou HE (Oryza sativa)  

Lili Wang , Qiang Peng , Jiali Li , Dashuang Zhang , Jianqiang Wu , Xue Jiang , Susong Zhu
Guizhou Rice Research Institute, Guizhou Academy of Agricultural Science, Guiyang, 550006, China
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Molecular Plant Breeding, 2018, Vol. 9, No. 12   doi: 10.5376/mpb.2018.09.0012
Received: 22 Nov., 2018    Accepted: 10 Dec., 2018    Published: 30 Dec., 2018
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Wang L.L., Peng Q., Li J.L., Zhang D.S., Wu J.Q., Jiang X., and Zhu S.S., 2018, The CDS variance analysis of OsBADH2 gene and aroma appraisal of 7 Guizhou HE (Oryza sativa), Molecular Plant Breeding, 9(12): 87-91 (doi: 10.5376/mpb.2018.09.0012)




Dysfunction of OsBADH2 gene in rice is the internal cause of rice to have fragrance. This study applied physicochemical methods to identify the fragrance traits of 7 Guizhou HE (Oryza sativa) and 2 control varieties. It was found that RongHe and 2 control varieties were fragrant rice, and the other 6 varieties were all non-fragrant rice. To analyze the internal relationship between fragrant production in Guizhou HE and OsBADH2 gene, the study obtained the CDS sequences of OsBADH2 gene in 9 tested materials, and conducted alignment analysis of these sequences by Megalign software through TA-cloning, sequencing analysis and sequence assembly. The results showed that the OsBADH2 gene CDS of 4 Guizhou HE (BaixiangHe 2, BanpoHe, LipingHe 1 and LipingHe 2) were normal. The CDS differences of RongHe and 2 control varieties were both 8 bp deletion and 3 SNPs in exon 7, and 2 new CDS differences were found among which BaixiangHe 1 was 1 bp deletion and 1 SNP, and BianHe was 2 bp deletion and 2 SNPs. These results might provide the theoretical basis for variety protection and breeding improvement of Guizhou HE (Oryza sativa).

Oryza sativa L.; Fragrance; OsBADH2; TA-cloning; Sequence alignment
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Molecular Plant Breeding
• Volume 9
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